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The Best Picture wins of Braveheart and Gladiator at the and Academy Awards, respectively heralded a brief renaissance of the big, sweeping historical epic at the multiplex. Well, to say it heralded a renaissance is a bit much; what really happened is that studios saw they could make a buck on the genre and released a bunch of movies as a cash-in. This brief phase of Hollywood history brought moviegoers crappy epic knockoffs like Troy , King Arthur , and Alexander as well as completely under-appreciated works of genius like Ridley Scott's Kingdom of Heaven rent the Director's Cut, it's incredible. By the midpoint of the Aughts, the historical epic had seemingly run out a steam and another way of looking at history on celluloid had taken hold. Depending on who you ask, this is either an attempt to bring a level of irreverent "authenticity" to history think the late Howard Zinn, but with an adolescent obsession with boobs and gore and strip away the generations of politically correct whitewahsing by textbooks, or a cynical method of drawing in an audience by presenting history with the aesthetic of a snuff film. Like most questions of "real" history, the truth probably lies somewhere in the center.
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Hannah plays down 'Spartacus' controversy

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Hannah plays down 'Spartacus' controversy

The series, in which he plays Batiatus, has been criticised for its explicit scenes of sex and violence. However, Hannah told The Sun : "For all the hypocrisy, and all the people saying, 'Oh, it's very violent' or, 'Oh, it's very sexy', they're all sitting glued to it, aren't they? The actor joked that he "censored" the show at times, saying: "I mean, you can kill and decapitate as many people as you like, and kebab as many slaves as you like, but language is a bit of a risk. The funny thing is, you've got your choreography, because that's all it is - a dance. A bit of titillation. A wee bit of boob, a wee bit of bum.
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TV Review: Spartacus: Blood and Sand — ‘The Red Serpent’

The pilot episode is a poorly written, directed and acted mess. I was honestly counting down the minutes until it ended. Used sparsely, nudity can be very effective; it can entice or show vulnerability. However, Spartacus uses naked bodies every couple of minutes or so for seemingly no reason whatsoever. Oh, so much blood.
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And they may even end up loving Spartacus — which comes to its sadly inevitable conclusion tonight on Sky1, but is ripe for rediscovery on Blu-Ray or on-demand — even more. Like GoT, Spartacus is largely about sword-wielding men in ridiculous outfits vying for power in a brutal, far-off land. Is Spartacus better than Game of Thrones? Varro pulls the sword into his own throat, begs his sobbing friend to finish the job then asks him to provide for his family. And in this moment, the Spartacus equivalent of GoT's Ned Stark being beheaded in front of his daughter, series creator Steven S DeKnight nailed his pulpy formula: grand guignol blood-letting powered by heart-stopping twists and high melodrama.
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