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Episode Release every Tuesday! If you have the opportunity, please leave a review on Apple Podcasts and subscribe. Actress Jackie R. Jacobson joined host Elias on this week's podcast. Jackie stars on Netflix's Malibu Rescue.
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Peter Fisher was sentenced to eight years in prison at Reading Crown Court on Tuesday

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The Grievance Studies affair , also referred to as the " Sokal Squared " scandal in reference to a similar hoax by Alan Sokal , was the project of a team of three authors James A. Lindsay, Peter Boghossian , and Helen Pluckrose to create bogus academic papers and submit them to academic journals in the areas of cultural , queer , race , gender , fat , and sexuality studies. The authors' intent was to expose problems in "grievance studies", a term they apply to a subcategory of these academic areas, in which they say "a culture has developed in which only certain conclusions are allowed The hoax began in and continued into , when it was halted after one of the papers caught the attention of journalists, who quickly found its purported author, Helen Wilson, to be non-existent. By the time of the reveal, four of their 20 papers had been published, three had been accepted but not yet published, six had been rejected, and seven were still under review. One of the published papers had won special recognition.
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The Chronicles of a Young Egyptian Sharmouta

Explicit sexual content, strong language, depcitions of violence. Appropriate for mature audiences. Leila N.
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The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian is not a particularly bad movie, nor is it a particularly good movie. It is, however, a bad sequel--equally as much as the actual book was a poor follow up to the Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, but despite all the mean things I am about to say about it, if you were a fan of the first movie, there's absolutely no harm in watching this one. That said, as Yahtzee would say, let's talk shittyness. Prince Caspian takes place a year after the events in the first movie and once again features the four Pevensie children, who are still trying to cope with being something adults and royalty, no less trapped in the bodies of ugly British children, and in the opening sequences we are introduced to their new inner conflicts that will become plot devices throughout the film, and all of the characters feature them, excepting Lucy who is so obnoxiously perfect you just want to break her stupid horse teeth, and partially excepting Edmund. We're also introduced to the eponymous Prince Caspian, who everyone seems to want to kill, and he's helped by some fat guy who looks like a short version of Dumbledore from the Harry Potter movies.
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