The ego and sex

This paper examines the long-term issues of sexual dysfunction in terms of normal psychosexual development. Human sexual development and ego growth take simultaneous origin within the symbiotic relationship of the child and its first nurturant caretaker, usually the mother. Infantile sexuality, the pleasure of the total body, is equivalent to love and dependent upon sameness and continuity, tending toward fusion. Adult sexuality depends for its emotional impetus upon separateness and difference between lovers. Once established, adult sexual relationships drift inexorably toward the symbiotic unity implicit in loving. Genital sexuality may be sacrificed in the preference for more global satisfactions reminiscent of the infantile sexual experience.
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Female Orgasms, Patriarchy, and the Male Ego

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Anger, sexuality, and the growth of the ego.

People frequently jump into junk food sex primarily as a means to feel attractive, sexy, powerful, masculine, feminine, and needed. These are all ways of feeling validated and when looked at carefully there is nothing wrong with wanting to be validated in any of these ways. Truth be told maybe everyone wants to feel attractive, sexy, powerful, and so forth. And, sex can be a means to this, but only if the junk food sex version is avoided and replaced with the ecstatic sex version that involves both like love and intimacy. How is this done? First, couples need to understand the difference between sex that comes from the ego and sex that comes from their hearts and souls.
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Love at first sight just sex and ego, study says

My ex-wife had an affair while we were married and has had many other men after our separation and subsequent divorce. She texted me about it afterwards. She was naked except for a thin sheet and was given a full back and neck massage by a young man in a private room female masseuses were available.
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There's nothing you ever owe anybody during sex. If you do something solely because the other person says you owe it, that's not sex — it's sexual assault. That said, it's worth spelling out a few particular things you don't owe anyone in bed. Jessica O'Reilly tells Bustle. Unfortunately, though, we as a society tend to view sex and relationships as a barter system.
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